Wedding season is here!!


April 25, 2017

Summertime is the best time to go out and blow off some steam with family and friends on the weekend. It’s a time to relax and have some fun! You might just be barhopping with friends or maybe you’re traveling around town for a friend’s birthday, but one question always comes into mind and can kill the exciting spirit you had going for the evening and that question is...who's driving?


Campus construction may affect PMU pick up point.


As a part of the State Street Redevelopment Project, Grant Street will be converted to 2 way traffic in the near future and this conversion work has already began, impacting Grant Street in front of the Union Club Hotel. (PMU). With the street currently barreled down to one lane, the project team with Chief Cox of the Purdue PD has had a chance to review and is locating all the large charter buses to Oval Drive. 

This information was just sent to us and we are letting our customers know of the changes. All Purdue Memorial Union customers need to arrive at least 15 min early to allow enough time for these changes. Only the large buses will be parking in a different location, but delays may still occur even with the normal shuttles. You will find signs posted by Purdue letting you know exactly where to go if we can't pick up there.  The weekend of May 5,6,and 7th is busy due to students leaving and certain runs will be affected by these changes. We will do our best to keep you updated to the best of our ability about any changes that are being made due to construction. An alternative pick up location for Purdue would be at Purdue West in front of Follett's bookstore facing McCutcheon Dr. Please check our schedule for pick up times as we pick up there before going to the Union. We want to thank you in advance for working with us during the fun time of Summer construction.  

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