D. Charles Florian learned the importance of hard work and dependability as an employee of a small transportation company based in South Bend, Indiana called United Limo, Inc. It was there he had the idea of running a similar service between Lafayette and the Indianapolis International Airport. In 1986, with the purchase of three small vans from his former employer at United Limo, Charles opened the doors of Lafayette Limo, Inc a company that had been built upon the core principals of hard work, consistency, and fun.

The following year, Charles was joined by his son, Jeff, who later in 2001 purchased the company from his father ready to take the family's legacy through a second generation. Under Jeff's watchful eye and hands-on approach, Lafayette Limo grew from three small vans to a fleet of over 40 vehicles, employing over 60 men and women, and becoming a pillar in the Greater Lafayette Community for the traveling businessmen, students, and families.

In November of 2017, Jeff passed away after a long and hard fought battle with brain cancer, leaving Lafayette Limo in the capable hands of the third generation of Florian's, his daughter Amanda and son Nathan. Growing up with the business and with the examples of their father and grandfather to guide them, Amanda and Nathan, along with other members of the family, continue to maintain the strong tradition of dependability and customer service that the business was founded upon. Focusing on growing to meet the ever changing needs of the community, Lafayette Limo also makes it a point to give back to the community that has allowed them to be successful by actively supporting local charities and social service groups including the Muscular Dystrophy Association, Family and Child Services, and Lafayette Urban Ministries. The Florian family contributes the success of Lafayette Limo not just to the loyal customer base but to the hard work and dedication of their employees, their families, and also to the Lord's many blessings.


Rhonda Florian, President
Rhonda has turned over all aspects of the business to Amanda and Nathan, who also focus most of their time on trying to learn how to better serve Lafayette Limo’s many customers. From the business person who needs to make his flight on time, to the wedding party who requests a limousine to celebrate their big day, finding new ways to meet their expectations is their goal. Also, with the help of Rhonda they determine what vehicles to purchase and what new services to offer.

Rhonda has been part of Lafayette Limo almost from the very start. When they joined his father, Charles Florian, in the business in 1987 they ended up taking over the business in 1994 upon his father’s retirement. Jeff and Rhonda purchased the business in 2001. Jeff and his family have worked tirelessly to serve the Lafayette community and grow the business to meet their customer’s expanding needs.

Rhonda is very thankful for the opportunity to serve those who use Lafayette Limo’s services. Outside her work life, Rhonda and her family have supported various church groups, the Muscular Dystrophy Association, Lafayette Urban Ministries and Family Services of Lafayette.